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31-07-2022 10:52
Add mor emaps, admin to server like Alien invasion, mesa map is too overplayed, max 20, 30 min, then no mesa map for 2,3 rounds

31-07-2022 10:51
Mesa map is TOO OVERPLAYED, stop playing MESA MAP

13-10-2021 22:19
Hi everyone, how are you people? I hope that we will play Crysis again soon Smile

08-02-2020 15:52
Hi and welcome back Albert. Yeah, Some people are still here from time to time. In this very moment not many. But will be at lest few soon.

08-02-2020 00:26
Greetings! Anyone still here?

09-03-2018 02:29
My Tutorial CZ/SK How to connect server (: https://www.youtub

07-03-2018 22:43
Of course. This the point of our network. Anybody can create own server even with custom maps + anybody will be able to join it. Check http://CryMP.Net - HELP Page.

07-03-2018 21:04
is it a possibility to create your own server?

07-03-2018 21:03
nice tnx

07-03-2018 19:15
Hi. Yes. It was on-line for years - and will be back soon - but you shouldn't work so good for all. You can try now Shore on Air Battle - no crazy commands!

07-03-2018 18:44
Hello I wanted to ask you or you could not create a normal server Map, MESA BEACH because these servers where these awkward commands can not be played is not true crysis.

02-03-2018 21:27
Crysis1 the best

08-01-2018 22:34

08-01-2018 16:37

08-12-2017 14:09
yap , it was fine on win7 64 bit , i see this issue only on win8.1 ,and thanks for taking care of crysis you and your teammates

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Parkour City BETA is ON

Finally with exactly 2 years delay (should be spring 2014 --> is spring 2016)
Parkour City (unfinished) BETA is on-line.

As I was saying in that 2,5 years video (https://www.youtu...3nCK57eCco) - This map which was made mostely in 2013 - was planned to be on-line in spring 2014 - but it was few months before I knew what's gonna happen to GameSpy. As you know last 2 years were quite busy because of CryMP.Net network works, websites, maps and mods just for network. So it was no reason to finish (FPS killing) Parkour City even as Beta during that time. I even though I'd never put this huge and borring map on-line here.

Finally - I need to retire for a while - and I wanted to finish some old stuff - I've decided to prepare quite optimized version and start it on server for a while - even though it's playable with nice FPS ONLY on quite strong PCs. Sorry.


Definitely not recomended for people who don't like wall jumping, exploration or don't care about Very High graphics in Crysis. Please do not enter if you look for fighting, do not have patience or at least quite strong PC. Thanks.

APOLOGY for ALL players with weak PCs.

Main Ideas for the map in 2013 were:

1 - wall jump & parkour all over the city
2 - look for 50 suitcases and capture all 50 flags
3 - explore on foot, use cars and flying vehicles for precision landing training
4 - Discover idividual ways to climb all buildings.
5 - Talk, realax, have fun.

Seems borring, but this is the way it is.

Map is on-line in the evenings and weekends on this server:


WARNING 2 !! Here are problems you NEED TO KNOW before trying to join.
1. Map is pretty heavy ( around 100 MB ) - so prepare for some patience while long downloading. Just wait for autodownloader to do the job (1-5 minutes even)
2. You may experience some server or download problems. Don't worry about that it's temporary. You can try other day.

Sorry for this but I couldn't do anything better for this BETA.

Here's that 2,5 old video of Alpha version (December 2013).


Here are the photos of BETA version: ...
Today (Friday at 19:00 - 23:00) PARKOUR event on server "<FP> Parkour & Exploration". I've fixed map settings so you can join now with any settings- I hope + server is not crashing at all. So let's hope it's gonna be fine 24/7. See you on parkour events.
Ok. Here is raw video from Friday Parkour Event - 29th of April 2016.
Long and unwatchable, about chat and showing talking - but video made just for the record - that all that happend.

Thanks for coming and testing guys. I hope for more parkour videos there in the future. Not as messy as this one.

Friday Players: Frankie, DarkAngel, Santex, Zi, Comrade, alpHa, Vtol-Today, Freebo and Nomads

Original file ( 10 GB ) uploaded for better sound quality.

2 weeks ON and around 40 explorers already Smile
Thank you admin for making this game back to live Smile
We're doing our best. 2 years already here and network is still growing. Just have fun and enjoy this multiplayer for years. Good luck.
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