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31-07-2022 10:52
Add mor emaps, admin to server like Alien invasion, mesa map is too overplayed, max 20, 30 min, then no mesa map for 2,3 rounds

31-07-2022 10:51
Mesa map is TOO OVERPLAYED, stop playing MESA MAP

13-10-2021 22:19
Hi everyone, how are you people? I hope that we will play Crysis again soon Smile

08-02-2020 15:52
Hi and welcome back Albert. Yeah, Some people are still here from time to time. In this very moment not many. But will be at lest few soon.

08-02-2020 00:26
Greetings! Anyone still here?

09-03-2018 02:29
My Tutorial CZ/SK How to connect server (: https://www.youtub

07-03-2018 22:43
Of course. This the point of our network. Anybody can create own server even with custom maps + anybody will be able to join it. Check http://CryMP.Net - HELP Page.

07-03-2018 21:04
is it a possibility to create your own server?

07-03-2018 21:03
nice tnx

07-03-2018 19:15
Hi. Yes. It was on-line for years - and will be back soon - but you shouldn't work so good for all. You can try now Shore on Air Battle - no crazy commands!

07-03-2018 18:44
Hello I wanted to ask you or you could not create a normal server Map, MESA BEACH because these servers where these awkward commands can not be played is not true crysis.

02-03-2018 21:27
Crysis1 the best

08-01-2018 22:34

08-01-2018 16:37

08-12-2017 14:09
yap , it was fine on win7 64 bit , i see this issue only on win8.1 ,and thanks for taking care of crysis you and your teammates

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Frankie March 13 2015 13:38:46
Oh hell. Really. Poolday army woke up. Take care. Its quite dangerous to talk about it here xD.
Steelo1956 March 13 2015 11:32:20
Having trouble accessing server. Everytime I go onto CryMPNetwork I ge a survey which I can get out of.
obalys March 13 2015 04:39:38
Increasing the max player cap to 10 rather than 6 sounds pretty decent too.
obalys March 13 2015 04:39:17
Hey admins. You should raise ping level for servers to 200+ to avoid inconvenient kicks. Also i was wondering if you could make another duel server, with no ping limits
SNIPER March 10 2015 19:46:25
yes , it s boring for me , i don't like to play in this map
Freebo March 09 2015 22:44:57
Yes it was taken long ago from CS 1.6 I don't like it as Crysis 1 map. Dosen't fit here. The worst story is: - It's still most popular custom IA map because of FPS. Sad.
SNIPER March 09 2015 21:48:10
ok , i dunno why poolday v2 makes me feel like i m playing counter strike 1.6 :'D
Freebo March 08 2015 18:07:38
I've disabled it because nobody was using it for last 6 months. Who would wait on-line there btw? Use PM or Short Messages. Don't worry - Chat will be back. Better one.
SNIPER March 08 2015 18:03:35
where is the live chat ? o_O
SNIPER March 08 2015 18:02:28
Freebo March 07 2015 18:54:00
I've put my "In game presence" box up here. This is when I'm ALWAYS in game as RESIDENT no matter what. Working fine whole last month already Smile Any other resident ?
Frankie March 07 2015 18:49:18
Haha, nice idea, people wont ask you to play with them now at least.
Freebo March 07 2015 17:04:51
Of course it's the idea in plans...
Zivy March 07 2015 14:15:59
Why not just find some YouTuber...
Freebo March 06 2015 20:24:44
Yes. Unfortunatelly many people are blind to see what's really good. They only spend time for "popular things". It's their choice. CS? omg. Time killing.
Frankie March 06 2015 19:08:00
And at the same time they spent nights by playing CS or something.. Just logic ^^.
Frankie March 06 2015 19:07:07
Yep, I also tried. but these people really seem to feel loosing time playing such an old, unknown game. If they cant see advantages here, they wont last very long.
SNIPER March 06 2015 18:31:08
but i ll bring ONE , he likes the game ;p
SNIPER March 06 2015 18:29:58
half of my friends aren't gamer , the other half as frankie said , oh COD AW is OUT let s play it , it s better then this old game , so it's hard to bring somebody ,
Freebo March 06 2015 14:59:28
You're probably right. But still if each player could convince at least 1 friend Smile Just 1. Problem is probably nowadays people don't have even 1 in "real world" ;p.