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31-07-2022 10:52
Add mor emaps, admin to server like Alien invasion, mesa map is too overplayed, max 20, 30 min, then no mesa map for 2,3 rounds

31-07-2022 10:51
Mesa map is TOO OVERPLAYED, stop playing MESA MAP

13-10-2021 22:19
Hi everyone, how are you people? I hope that we will play Crysis again soon Smile

08-02-2020 15:52
Hi and welcome back Albert. Yeah, Some people are still here from time to time. In this very moment not many. But will be at lest few soon.

08-02-2020 00:26
Greetings! Anyone still here?

09-03-2018 02:29
My Tutorial CZ/SK How to connect server (: https://www.youtub

07-03-2018 22:43
Of course. This the point of our network. Anybody can create own server even with custom maps + anybody will be able to join it. Check http://CryMP.Net - HELP Page.

07-03-2018 21:04
is it a possibility to create your own server?

07-03-2018 21:03
nice tnx

07-03-2018 19:15
Hi. Yes. It was on-line for years - and will be back soon - but you shouldn't work so good for all. You can try now Shore on Air Battle - no crazy commands!

07-03-2018 18:44
Hello I wanted to ask you or you could not create a normal server Map, MESA BEACH because these servers where these awkward commands can not be played is not true crysis.

02-03-2018 21:27
Crysis1 the best

08-01-2018 22:34

08-01-2018 16:37

08-12-2017 14:09
yap , it was fine on win7 64 bit , i see this issue only on win8.1 ,and thanks for taking care of crysis you and your teammates

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liQuidonarcotiC October 02 2014 16:35:01
BTW..nobody know me ah? probably cuz most of old players left lol...Shell is not better..i pwn him and never said he cheats...aleksandr is a easy player..i can kick him....sashs just used cheats and .
Freebo October 02 2014 14:26:17
Zi - this leads to the end of it. Liquido will know what to do in the future if he meets hacker. Instead of insulting others. I think things are getting better.
Freebo October 02 2014 14:23:52
He reported you for insulting him and kicking him. Maybe he hacks - so please report with proofs. I never talk to Hackers i Kick them or close server.
Zivy October 02 2014 14:21:35
This doesn't lead to anything senseful, only to more agression, whole chat.
liQuidonarcotiC October 02 2014 14:18:37
for kicking his ass even when he was cheating? lol
liQuidonarcotiC October 02 2014 14:18:21
reported me for what? lol
Zivy October 02 2014 14:17:55
So what can I figure out from this? Because Aleksandr is better, he is cheater, though he is not; same with Shell probably? You play since 2008, but nobody knows you, funny.
Freebo October 02 2014 14:16:43
PS: Next time make some video or screenshot of hacker. Yesterday it was Sash who reported you to Zi. We have our Crysis Skype Group so I saw it live around 19:00.
Freebo October 02 2014 14:11:06
Ok. But you should report it to Zi or Youda or on Zi's Forum if it's on HotSpot. Hacker will be kicked / banned.
liQuidonarcotiC October 02 2014 14:04:56
i insult cuz they don't respect rules...that's all! but u keep talking and saying ****s..i hate cheaters so i insult them..and insult admins cuz they do nothing Is always like that..admins th
Freebo October 02 2014 13:59:05
You play since 2008 ? and acting like this ? I'm glad I've started in 2010. No Hackers, No Crackers welcomed but also "Experts" with no respect for others.
Freebo October 02 2014 13:53:44
Maybe you are right. No resident admin on HotSpot so nobody is watching. When I see Hacker I KICK in 10 seconds. But Insulting is other thing man.
liQuidonarcotiC October 02 2014 13:24:05
i just say the truth..but you're blinded as always, i've been playing since 2008 and i know this game better than you...u just talk talk but know nothing. I see a cheater and the only thing u
Freebo October 02 2014 12:23:50
liQuido - you've got the answer from real admin who needed to react yesterday. Really Please make your own server if you want to be rude or... "Rudy" like one of your names. Thanks!
Zivy October 02 2014 12:08:52
Next time read /rules before you start insulting others, you've got same in real-life: not knowing the rules doesn't excuse, you were the once so far that kept complaining and insulting.
liQuidonarcotiC October 02 2014 09:48:55
i know admins....they never listen ofc...they never ban cheaters, and if there are no rus admins..why everytime get muted? i don't think a normal player can do that, am i wrong?
Freebo October 01 2014 23:47:14
Behavior depends on players? This is why you enter servers and insult admins without knowing them. Need to re-think your attitude. I don't know Russians but I know you. BTW No Rus.Admins there.
liQuidonarcotiC October 01 2014 23:34:50
i didn't talk about u lol...have i wrote ur nick? it doesn't seem to me...and my behaviour depends on players...if you're correct then np..but russians aren't correct..almost all of th
Freebo October 01 2014 23:12:25
BTW. I don't know anything about hackers on Aimmap. Just stop playing it - will be best for all. You can run your own server and be the admin on it.
Freebo October 01 2014 23:10:59
Hey. I don't run Noobish Aimmap. You need to contact Youda or talk on Zi's forum about it. But I've heard ppl don't like you for your behavior. I thought you were insulting only me Smile.